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Back to School Sale 2022

New Version of the Texas Models

The Texas science standards (2017 TEKS) are still in effect. Rather than print the 2017 versions. we are going to sell the PDFs on flashdrives.

Included are: 

2017 TEKS Grade 5 Texas Science Block Models

2017 TEKS Grade 6 Texas Science Block Models

2017 TEKS Grade 7 Texas Science Block Models

2017 TEKS Grade 8 Texas Science Block Models

Buy the whole set and get some bonus models!

Bonus models include the three types of levers, a waterwheel, and a series of models showing how an impact crater forms on the moon.

Cost $74.95 plus shipping

Important note: This does NOT include Grades 3&4 Texas Science Block Models

We still have one set of 2010 TEKS Geoblox Model books in stock. Each book includes a 'crosswalk' document showing how the models align with the new standards.
Grades 5, 6, and 8 also include new models to meet the new standards. Only One Set Left!

Get the entire set for only $50.00 plus shipping!

Texas Ecoregions Landform Models

Models of 11 Texas ecoregions. All of the models are set to the same scale for easy comparison. Covers 7th and 8th grade ecology and mapping  TEKS.

At left, Stair Step Topography- Edwards Plateau

Sale price: $10.00 plus shipping

Castle Harlech

Castle Harlech

 Castles of the British  Isles

  • A brief history of the development of fortified structures
  • Patterns for making 3 different castles spanning the time from 1066 to 1300
  • Instructions for building topographic landform bases
  • $25.75 now only $5.00
  For more information, and to order a book see:
  Castles of the British Isles 1066-1300 Architectural  Models

Download and try out these Free Models

Composite Volcano in Color

Composite Volcano in black and white




This model is from Ancient Cultures Architectural Models

At this scale, you will need 79 wall segments to make one Roman mile.  To build the whole wall you would need 6400 models stretching 6/10 of a mile!

Phoenician Trireme

This 1:250 scale model is from the game Warship-Conquest of the Mediterranean

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